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As a service to members and researchers the archived early editions of the SIAS newsletter have been selectively presented here.

Items only of interest at the time have been omitted. Contacts, names etc. have in most cases changed. 
For more details contact the General Secretary.

This is a 'Work in Progress', issues will be added as they are completed.

There is an index to 1 to 50        here

Subject Index to issues 1 to 99  here

Newsletters 1 to 41 in PDF Format

Newsletters 42 to 133 in PDF Format

Recent Newsletters 134 -

Earlier 'SIASG' Newsletters

Please note:
Statements of fact and opinions presented in the early newsletters may have been revised in the light of later research, which may or may not appear in a later publication. Please - always check.

Every care has been made in transcribing the text, however errors can occur, please check if you are unsure on any figures, spellings etc.

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