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What is Industrial Archaeology ?

It is the study of the working life of past generations through the physical and documentary evidence that they left. 

How did our ancestors live, work, travel? 
What machines, tools, and implements did they have? 
How were these developed, made and used? 
What sources of power did they have
and how did they transmit power to the point of application? 
How did they move their products? 
What were industrial buildings like and where were they sited? 

Industrial Archaeology shades into 'mainstream' archaeology as it goes back through the ages. 
It is also bound up with local history, economic history and the history of technology. 

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 We record and study the remains of past industries and the achievements of the people concerned with them. 
This involves surveying, drawing, and photography, as well as the written word.
The results are published in our annual journal - Sussex Industrial History - which is on sale to non-members.
Brief records go into our quarterly Newsletter to keep members abreast of what is going on. 

We also restore buildings and machinery, sometimes for display to the public at
the Amberley Museum, West Sussex.
This gives those interested the opportunity to acquire practical skills.
Members are insured on Society projects. 

The S.I.A.S. is affiliated to the Association for Industrial Archaeology and the Sussex Archaeological Society 
and works closely with the Amberley Museum 
the Wealden Iron Research Group
the Wey and Arun Canal Trust, and 
the Weald and Downland Open Air Museum
We collaborate with -
the East and West Sussex County Councils, Southern Water Services, and the National Trust. 

The Society also participates in the South East Regional Industrial Archaeology Conference (SERIAC),
having been instrumental initiating it.
This brings together IA and similar societies in' Kent, Greater London, Hampshire, Berkshire, Surrey and Sussex in an annual one-day meeting. 

The Society's activities are of increasing interest to visitors to Sussex, particularly to those from abroad who are working in the same field,
Details of over 200 industrial remains Sussex are contained in the latest edition of the Field Guide, obtainable from the Society. 
The Society has initiated a simple county-wide survey of buildings, items and remains of industrial archaeological interest.
This is being carried out by members in their own localities and volunteers are needed to fill in the remaining parts of Sussex.
When completed this survey will be an invaluable source of national reference. 

Canal Group

Sussex Mills Group 

This is part of Sussex Industrial Archaeology Society and membership of one provides membership of the other.
The aims of the Group are to promote the preservation and restoration of mills, to record their physical remains and related activities,
to study and preserve documentary and other records relating to milling history and to provide a forum for related societies. 

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For more information and details of publications please contact:
R.G. Martin, 42 Falmer Avenue, Saltdean, Brighton, BN2 8FG - 01273 271330

Sussex Mills Group:
Secretary:  W.B Pike, Stream Cottage, Caulkins Mill, Mayfield, East Sussex. TN20 6UP

Webmaster: webmaster@sussexias.co.uk

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